Comfort in solitude
But lonely
Comfort in my altitude
But falling

I want to be high again
Above the rain walking the clouds again

Writing through cemeteries expressing my history to no one
Hoping to be someone

These are just letters of futures past
Reading to be your one


Bitter cold
Frostbitten hands can barely play boring key notes
Slow fade into abyss
I can’t hold on
But I have an eye on hope
I have an eye on what it is to grow
Changing like the seasons but I pause underneath the snow
I pause underneath what you think you know
You assumed me better
You assumed me worse
I consumed me, into you
Love lost
It looks like we’ve paid love’s cost
I curse, curse
I curse this verse and the reality it brings
Reality has no place
As I’m stuck in this frozen universe
Bitter cold
Love turns